1. This wonderful person has been taking care of me for 22 years now, I think I’m going to stay a little more and enjoy her loving attentions.

  2. A film photo of me going through my postcards. My knit jumper, ain’t it cute ? 

  3. An extra photo of me bitching around.

  4. Say hi to my new van, it’s so cute and nice we called it Yvette and it’s gonna take us to the FIB in Spain. Departure planned next sunday U KNOW IT.

  5. I should study Italian Renaissance Architecture, and yet… Some butt.

  6. My dog isn’t modeling. But I am.

  7. I should change it to “Hey Tumblr” but… NO.

  8. My future home… Soon, so soon !

  9. I been drinkin’, I been drinkin’

  10. Me booty in Paris.